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Parents and children of check-in [32e31b9b]

Improvements and simplifications to the equality seek logic. Tests are adjusted so that they all pass now. Closed-Leaf check-in: 997ce6c9 user: drh tags: seekeq-experiment
The top of an index equality loop normally starts with OP_SeekGE and OP_IdxGT. This check-in adds a flag to OP_SeekGE such that it fails immediately if the key is not equal, then jumps over the OP_IdxGT, saving a call to the key comparison functions. Consider this check-in a proof-of-concept. It needs improvement before going on trunk. Some tests fail, but only because they new use fewer key comparisons than expected (which is a good thing!). check-in: 32e31b9b user: drh tags: seekeq-experiment
Add the 'hashsize' configuration option to fts5, for configuring the amount of memory allocated to the in-memory hash table while writing. check-in: 44548009 user: dan tags: trunk