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Parents and children of check-in [20133e9c]

Merge trunk updates with experimental branch. Also add tests to journal2.test. (check-in: 9f6ea1de user: dan tags: experimental)
Merge fix [f80c3f922a] with experimental changes. (check-in: 20133e9c user: dan tags: experimental)
Bug fix: Only trust the database size number at offset 28 if the change counter at offset 24 matches the version number counter at offset 92. This prevents corruption in the case of two applications writing to the database where one is an older version of SQLite and the other is a newer version. (check-in: f80c3f92 user: drh tags: trunk)
Experimental change: On systems where it is not possible to unlink a file while one or more processes has it open (i.e. not unix), avoid closing the journal file each time the database is unlocked and reopening it at the start of each transaction. (check-in: bede8c8a user: dan tags: experimental)