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Parents and children of check-in [1d134ba2]

Add a test case for the problem fixed by [1d134ba2ed]. check-in: d4fbc05d user: dan tags: trunk
Merge in various obscure bug fixes and the removal of Mem.memType from trunk. check-in: 0828975d user: drh tags: sessions
When converting a result type from TEXT to BLOB using the sqlite3_value_blob() interface, continue to report SQLITE_TEXT as the true type from sqlite3_value_text() as long as that text is still valid. The maintains legacy behavior from before the noMemType change. check-in: 1d134ba2 user: drh tags: trunk
Separate the column NULL value constant into a separate routine for greater commonality with the sessions branch. check-in: 12cbebb9 user: drh tags: trunk