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Parents and children of check-in [1bdee199]

Fix the OP_OpenEphemeral opcode in the bytecode engine so that if it is called a second or subsequent time, it merely clears the existing table rather than creating a new one. Proposed fix for ticket [d0866b26f83e9c55e30de0821f5d]. check-in: 4678cb10 user: drh tags: trunk
Additional small performance increase and size reduction to the sqlite3VdbeMakeLabel() mechanism. check-in: 1bdee199 user: drh tags: trunk
A new implementation of sqlite3VdbeMakeLabel() is faster and makes fewer memory allocations by deferring memory allocation until sqlite3VdbeResolveLabel() is called, at which point the code generator has a better idea of how big the relocation table needs to be. The sqlite3VdbeMakeLabel() routine now takes a Parse* parameter instead of Vdbe*. check-in: 4a0929ac user: drh tags: trunk