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Added the speed1.test script (CVS 3522) (check-in: 30355dfb user: drh tags: trunk)

The virtual table interface allows for a cursor to field multiple xFilter() calls. For instance, if a join is done with a virtual table, there could be a call for each row which potentially matches. Unfortunately, fulltextFilter() assumes that it has a fresh cursor, and overwrites a prepared statement and a malloc'ed pointer, resulting in unfinalized statements and a memory leak.

This change hacks the code to manually clean up offending items in fulltextFilter(), emphasis on "hacks", since it's a fragile fix insofar as future additions to fulltext_cursor could continue to have the problem. (CVS 3521) (check-in: 18142fdb user: shess tags: trunk)

Delta-encode terms in interior nodes. While experiments have shown that this is of marginal utility when encoding terms resulting from regular English text, it turns out to be very useful when encoding inputs with very large terms. (CVS 3520) (check-in: c8151a99 user: shess tags: trunk)