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Parents and children of check-in [16b34f25]

All WAL frame overwrites even if there are active savepoints. This is safe because a ROLLBACK TO will cause all reverted pages to be rewritten to the WAL file prior to COMMIT. check-in: 99b31a6b user: drh tags: wal-overwrite-frames
If it is known that checksums will be recalculated on transaction commit, skip calculating checksums when appending frames to the wal file. When recalculating checksums, recalculate them starting with the first overwritten frame - not the first frame in the transaction. check-in: 16b34f25 user: dan tags: wal-overwrite-frames
If a single page is written to the wal file more than once, have each subsequent copy overwrite the original frame. check-in: 5d113aef user: dan tags: wal-overwrite-frames