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Buffer updates per-transaction rather than per-update. If lots of updates happen within a single transaction, there was a lot of wasted encode/decode overhead due to segment merges. This code buffers updates in memory and writes out larger level-0 segments. It only works when documents are presented in ascending order by docid. Comparing a test set running 100 documents per transaction, the total runtime is cut almost in half. (CVS 3751) (check-in: 0229cba6 user: shess tags: trunk)
Change the name of PAGER_SECTOR_SIZE to SQLITE_DEFAULT_SECTOR_SIZE. Make the new OS-layer interface routine for finding sector size optional. (CVS 3750) (check-in: 0fb9af1d user: drh tags: trunk)
Make sure the strftime() date conversions put in leading zeros correctly. Ticket #2276. (CVS 3749) (check-in: e853067e user: drh tags: trunk)