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Parents and children of check-in [0f6ec605]

Enhancements and improved documentation to the byte-code branch coverage testing logic. Provide new macros that allow the code to specify that some branch instructions can never take the NULL path and that the OP_Jump opcode is only interested in equal/not-equal. The SQLITE_TESTCTRL_VDBE_COVERAGE file control callback now works slightly differently (it provides the callback with a bitmask of the branch action, rather than an integer). (check-in: cd2da7e1 user: drh tags: trunk)
Merge latest trunk changes into this branch. (check-in: e9a3e864 user: dan tags: begin-concurrent)
Fix a harmless warning about comment formatting in the previous check-in. Simplify the ORDER BY dereferencing logic so that it avoids unreachable branches. (check-in: 0f6ec605 user: drh tags: trunk)
Assert that if two functions compare equal in every other way, then they must both have OVER clauses, or neither has an OVER clause. Use this fact to simplify expression comparison. (check-in: 52559ad5 user: drh tags: trunk)