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3 check-ins related to "deferred-fk-quirk"

If a deferred foreign key constraint fails on a statement that is not part of a larger transation, make sure that the statement fully ends so that subsequent invocations of the same statement will not pass the constraint because they think the transaction is not closed. This is a merge of the deferred-fk-quirk branch together with a test case. (check-in: 2f94d462 user: drh tags: trunk)
Ensure that if a deferred FK constraint is violated by a statement that creates its own implicit transaction, the statement is not an "active-write" after sqlite3_step() returns. (Closed-Leaf check-in: 8063197e user: dan tags: deferred-fk-quirk)
Modify the trace callback mechanism so that SQL commands executed from within virtual table or user function callbacks are passed to the trace callback without parameter expansion and enclosed in SQL comments. (check-in: a764915b user: dan tags: trunk)