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Added option to not clip error output.

This is useful for IDEs and other tools that benefit from full path information, so they can jump directly to the error line in the source code. (check-in: 90602030 user: icculus tags: lemon-update-2010)

Delete output files if this is a failed run.

Otherwise, the fail will stop a Makefile from progressing, but if you immediately run the build again, Make will think the output files are up to date, since they are newer (albeit incomplete/incorrect). (check-in: e38c08d9 user: icculus tags: lemon-update-2010)

Added %expect directive, to consider a certain number of conflicts "correct."

This has the side effect of changing the process exit code to never overflow. (check-in: d8bab8cf user: icculus tags: lemon-update-2010)