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Ticket: ce7c133ea6cc9ccdc1a60d80441f80b6180f5eba
Foreign key constraint fails when it should succeed.
User & Date: drh 2010-07-29 01:55:02

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    <hr><i>drh added on 2010-07-29 01:55:02:</i><br>
    The issue was in the handling of multi-column foreign key constraints
    where one of the columns was an integer primary key.  The error has
    always been in the code.  It was simply masked by the prior error 
    of ticket [dd08e5a988d00decc4a543daa8dbbfab9c577ad8].  The fix in
    check-in [636f86095eb1f4bdcfb0c9ed846c4c6b3589c10b] is correct.  That
    fix did not introduce a new problem; it merely brought an existing
    problem into view.
    The Severity of this ticket is downgraded to Important since one
    can easily argue that any schema that has a multi-column
    foreign key constraint where one of the columns is a primary key
    is a broken schema.  Even so, we ought to handle even broken
    schemas correctly, which should be the case after check-in
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  4. severity changed to: "Important"