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History of tool/mksourceid.c

Fix a bug in tool/mksourceid.c: The mksourceid.c program was incorrectly including the "# Remove this line" line of the Fossil-generated "manifest" file in the SHA3 hash. That means that all SQLITE_SOURCE_IDs for trunk versions going back to check-in [30966d56] (2017-08-22) are incorrect. file: [d458f900] check-in: [65765222] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 23692
Less dramatic changes to the source-id following an edit. Modify the way that the amalgamation is constructed to give it the opportunity to detect changes and modify the source-id. file: [30966d56] check-in: [564c7340] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 23571
Add the "mksourceid" program to the build process. That program changes the SQLITE_SOURCE_ID if the source tree has been modified in any way. file: [1db4636b] check-in: [d4c05e04] user: drh branch: mksourceid, size: 23577 Added