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History of tool/mkctimec.tcl

[dd183b73] part of check-in [95141c64] Ensure that the value of the THREADSAFE symbol is always included when reporting compile time options, even if it was not explicitly configured. (check-in: [95141c64] user: dan branch: ctime-refactor, size: 7550)
[4751d3c3] part of check-in [bc1951d6] Rework the code in ctime.c a bit to report on more compile time options. And to only output configuration options passed in to SQLite, not the default values of #define symbols set automatically. Also generate the large array in ctime.c using new script tool/mkctime.tcl, instead of entering it manually. (check-in: [bc1951d6] user: dan branch: ctime-refactor, size: 7364) Added