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History of test/tkt3357.test

Remove leftover "breakpoint" commands from test scripts. Also remove blank lines at the end of scripts. (CVS 6721) file: [77c37c64] check-in: [1fef16ec] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 1819
Deallocate a temp register allocated by codeEqualityTerm() in where.c. If it is not deallocated, its value may be reused by the column-cache mechanism. However, by the time it is used, the value may have been clobbered by a sub-routine that also uses the same temp register. Fix for #3357. (CVS 5679) file: [b37a51a1] check-in: [7c0f638e] user: danielk1977 branch: trunk, size: 1828 Added