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History of test/fkey4.test

[86446017] part of check-in [3f674375] Rename SQLITE_CONSTRAINT_RAISE to SQLITE_CONSTRAINT_TRIGGER. Put the extended constraint error codes in alphabetical order. Add many test cases for the extended constraint error codes. (check-in: [3f674375] user: drh branch: constraint-error-codes, size: 1679)
[c6c8f9f9] part of check-in [2f94d462] If a deferred foreign key constraint fails on a statement that is not part of a larger transation, make sure that the statement fully ends so that subsequent invocations of the same statement will not pass the constraint because they think the transaction is not closed. This is a merge of the deferred-fk-quirk branch together with a test case. (check-in: [2f94d462] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 1563) Added