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History of ext/rtree/rtreecheck.test

Enable DEFENSIVE mode by default for tests. This requires lots of case of turning DEFENSIVE off in order to dodgy things to the database for testing purposes. No all of those cases are yet handled, so "make test" does not run to completion. file: [d67d5b3e] check-in: [a1d6c671] user: drh branch: read-only-shadow, size: 4049
Add tests cases and fix minor issues in the rtreecheck() function. file: [4d29103d] check-in: [d6130cd2] user: dan branch: trunk, size: 3949
Add SQL scalar function rtreecheck() to the rtree module. For running checks to ensure the shadow tables used by an rtree virtual table are internally consistent. file: [f610cb77] check-in: [dde0bb3e] user: dan branch: rtree-integrity-check, size: 2832 Added