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History of ext/rtree/rtreeG.test

In extensions rtree, fts3 and fts5, ensure that when dynamic buffers are bound to persistent SQL statements using SQLITE_STATIC, the binding is replaced with an SQL NULL before the buffer is freed. Otherwise, a user may obtain a pointer to the persistent statement using sqlite3_next_stmt() and attempt to access the freed buffer using sqlite3_expanded_sql() or similar. file: [1b9ca6e3] check-in: [2a5f813b] user: dan branch: trunk, size: 1571
Add SQL scalar function rtreecheck() to the rtree module. For running checks to ensure the shadow tables used by an rtree virtual table are internally consistent. file: [fd3af1ca] check-in: [dde0bb3e] user: dan branch: rtree-integrity-check, size: 1553
Fix the rtreeG.test test case. file: [3b185719] check-in: [9589e937] user: drh branch: tree-stat1-fix, size: 1442
Fix RTREE so that it does not run queries against the sqlite_stat1 if that table does not exist. file: [fad67b4e] check-in: [48526a2f] user: drh branch: tree-stat1-fix, size: 857 Added