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Comment:Merge latest changes from the trunk into the sessions branch.
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SHA1: c00e45ede7cbf71a3a6d1ccad0b9275010ca8493
User & Date: dan 2011-09-14 19:41:44
Merge the latest trunk changes into the sessions branch. check-in: 5efb0294 user: drh tags: sessions
Merge latest changes from the trunk into the sessions branch. check-in: c00e45ed user: dan tags: sessions
Remove 'const' from a variable that might actually be written when an OOM error occurs. Also, fix a couple MSVC/Win32 compiler warnings. check-in: 3035dc1c user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Merge the latest trunk changes into the sessions branch. check-in: eb036d6f user: drh tags: sessions
Unified Diffs Side-by-Side Diffs Patch

Changes to Makefile.in.

Changes to Makefile.msc.

Changes to Makefile.vxworks.

Changes to ext/fts3/fts3.c.

Changes to main.mk.

Changes to mkopcodec.awk.

Changes to src/btree.c.

Changes to src/btree.h.

Changes to src/build.c.

Changes to src/ctime.c.

Changes to src/expr.c.

Changes to src/os_common.h.

Changes to src/os_unix.c.

Changes to src/os_win.c.

Changes to src/pager.c.

Changes to src/pager.h.

Changes to src/select.c.

Changes to src/sqliteInt.h.

Changes to src/test1.c.

Changes to src/test_thread.c.

Changes to src/vdbe.c.

Changes to src/vdbe.h.

Changes to src/vdbeInt.h.

Changes to src/vdbeapi.c.

Changes to src/vdbeaux.c.

Changes to src/vdbemem.c.

Changes to src/vdbesort.c.

Changes to test/distinct.test.

Changes to test/fts3sort.test.

Changes to test/index4.test.

Changes to test/misc3.test.

Changes to test/pager1.test.

Changes to test/server1.test.

Changes to test/thread001.test.

Changes to test/thread002.test.

Changes to test/thread003.test.

Changes to test/wal5.test.

Changes to tool/lemon.c.

Changes to tool/spaceanal.tcl.

Changes to tool/tostr.awk.