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Comment:Update the Apple OS-X branch to include all of the latest changes in trunk.
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SHA1: 96499b1dd69a0954e30e4b5b4f2272ab306afcdb
User & Date: drh 2010-01-20 01:26:07
Align the os_unix.c source file with the version found on trunk. (check-in: fa0f6c14 user: drh tags: apple-osx)
Update the Apple OS-X branch to include all of the latest changes in trunk. (check-in: 96499b1d user: drh tags: apple-osx)
Manually copy over the rebustness fixes from the apple-osx branch. (check-in: 095c74ea user: drh tags: trunk)
robustness fixes for preventing a finalized statement from being reused (check-in: a7a0c8d6 user: adam tags: apple-osx)
Unified Diffs Side-by-Side Diffs Patch

Changes to ext/fts3/fts3.c.

Changes to ext/fts3/fts3Int.h.

Changes to ext/fts3/fts3_snippet.c.

Changes to src/date.c.

Changes to src/expr.c.

Changes to src/func.c.

Changes to src/insert.c.

Changes to src/legacy.c.

Changes to src/prepare.c.

Changes to src/printf.c.

Changes to src/resolve.c.

Changes to src/shell.c.

Changes to src/sqliteInt.h.

Changes to src/test3.c.

Changes to src/test_func.c.

Changes to src/util.c.

Changes to src/vacuum.c.

Changes to src/vdbe.c.

Changes to src/vdbeInt.h.

Changes to src/vdbeapi.c.

Changes to src/vdbeaux.c.

Changes to src/vdbemem.c.

Changes to test/auth2.test.

Changes to test/backup.test.

Changes to test/e_fts3.test.

Changes to test/fts3_common.tcl.

Changes to test/fts3ac.test.

Changes to test/fts3al.test.

Changes to test/fts3near.test.

Changes to test/fts3query.test.

Changes to test/fts3rnd.test.

Added test/fts3snippet.test.

Changes to test/insert4.test.

Changes to test/minmax3.test.

Changes to test/whereA.test.

Changes to tool/lemon.c.

Added tool/restore_jrnl.tcl.

Changes to tool/shell2.test.