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Comment:Fixes to the test suite (no code changes) so that quick.test runs with OMIT_ATTACH builds. #2706. (CVS 4480)
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SHA1: 07c00fffe50e8380748f7ae02328531a75d64610
User & Date: danielk1977 2007-10-09 08:29:32
Fix a typo in the wince driver. Ticket #2710. See also ticket #2702. (CVS 4481) (check-in: beb91af7 user: drh tags: trunk)
Fixes to the test suite (no code changes) so that quick.test runs with OMIT_ATTACH builds. #2706. (CVS 4480) (check-in: 07c00fff user: danielk1977 tags: trunk)
More untested changes for wince contributed by users. Ticket #2702. (CVS 4479) (check-in: ccd709e1 user: drh tags: trunk)
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Changes to test/alter.test.

Changes to test/alter2.test.

Changes to test/alter3.test.

Changes to test/attach.test.

Changes to test/attach2.test.

Changes to test/attach3.test.

Changes to test/attachmalloc.test.

Changes to test/auth.test.

Changes to test/autoinc.test.

Changes to test/crash.test.

Changes to test/enc2.test.

Changes to test/exclusive.test.

Changes to test/hook.test.

Changes to test/incrblob.test.

Changes to test/incrvacuum2.test.

Changes to test/insert4.test.

Changes to test/io.test.

Changes to test/ioerr.test.

Changes to test/malloc.test.

Changes to test/malloc3.test.

Changes to test/mallocD.test.

Changes to test/pragma.test.

Changes to test/pragma2.test.

Changes to test/schema.test.

Changes to test/schema2.test.

Changes to test/shared.test.

Changes to test/speed3.test.

Changes to test/sqllimits1.test.

Changes to test/sync.test.

Changes to test/table.test.

Changes to test/temptable.test.

Changes to test/thread002.test.

Changes to test/tkt1873.test.

Changes to test/trigger1.test.

Changes to test/view.test.

Changes to test/vtab1.test.

Changes to test/vtab7.test.