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# 2014 September 13
# The author disclaims copyright to this source code.  In place of
# a legal notice, here is a blessing:
#    May you do good and not evil.
#    May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others.
#    May you share freely, never taking more than you give.
# This file implements regression tests for SQLite library.  The
# focus of this script is testing the FTS5 module.

source [file join [file dirname [info script]] fts5_common.tcl]
set testprefix fts5multi

# If SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS5 is not defined, omit this file.
ifcapable !fts5 {

fts5_aux_test_functions db

do_execsql_test 1.0 {
  CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE t1 USING fts5(a, b, c);
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('gg bb bb'   ,'gg ff gg'   ,'ii ii');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('dd dd hh kk','jj'         ,'aa');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('kk gg ee'   ,'hh cc'      ,'hh jj aa cc');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('hh'         ,'bb jj cc'   ,'kk ii');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('kk dd kk ii','aa ee aa'   ,'ee');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('ee'         ,'ff gg kk aa','ee ff ee');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('ff jj'      ,'gg ee'      ,'kk ee gg kk');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('ff ee dd hh','kk ee'      ,'gg dd');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('bb'         ,'aa'         ,'bb aa');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('hh cc bb'   ,'ff bb'      ,'cc');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('jj'         ,'ff dd bb aa','dd dd ff ff');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('ff dd gg dd','gg aa bb ff','cc');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('ff aa cc jj','kk'         ,'ii dd');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('jj dd'      ,'cc'         ,'ii hh ee aa');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('ff ii hh'   ,'dd'         ,'gg');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('ff dd gg hh','hh'         ,'ff dd');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('cc cc'      ,'ff dd ff'   ,'bb');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('ii'         ,'bb ii'      ,'jj kk');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('ff hh'      ,'hh bb'      ,'bb dd ee');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('jj kk'      ,'jj'         ,'gg ff cc');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('dd kk'      ,'ii gg'      ,'dd');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('cc'         ,'aa ff'      ,'ii');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('bb ff bb ii','bb kk bb aa','hh ff ii dd');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('aa'         ,'ee bb jj jj','dd');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('kk dd cc'   ,'aa jj'      ,'ee aa ff');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('aa gg aa'   ,'jj'         ,'ii kk hh gg');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('ff hh aa'   ,'jj ii'      ,'hh dd bb jj');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('hh'         ,'aa gg kk'   ,'bb ee');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('bb'         ,'ee'         ,'gg');
  INSERT INTO t1 VALUES('dd kk'      ,'kk bb aa'   ,'ee');

foreach {tn c1 e1 c2 e2} {
  1     t1 aa     t1 bb
  2     a  aa     b  bb
  3     a  "aa OR bb OR cc"    b  "jj OR ii OR hh"
  4     t1  "aa AND bb"       t1  "cc"
  5     c   "kk"               b  "aa OR bb OR cc OR dd OR ee"
} {
  if {$c1=="t1"} {
    set lhs "( $e1 )"
  } else {
    set lhs "$c1 : ( $e1 )"
  if {$c2=="t1"} {
    set rhs "( $e2 )"
  } else {
    set rhs "$c2 : ( $e2 )"

  set q1 "t1 MATCH '($lhs) AND ($rhs)'"
  set q2 "$c1 MATCH '$e1' AND $c2 MATCH '$e2'"

  set ret [execsql "SELECT rowid FROM t1 WHERE $q1"]
  set N [llength $ret]
  do_execsql_test 1.$tn.1.($N) "SELECT rowid FROM t1 WHERE $q2" $ret

  set ret [execsql "SELECT fts5_test_poslist(t1) FROM t1 WHERE $q1"]
  do_execsql_test 1.$tn.2.($N) "
    SELECT fts5_test_poslist(t1) FROM t1 WHERE $q2
  " $ret

do_catchsql_test 2.1.1 {
  SELECT rowid FROM t1 WHERE t1 MATCH '(NOT' AND t1 MATCH 'aa bb';
} {1 {fts5: syntax error near "NOT"}}
do_catchsql_test 2.1.2 {
  SELECT rowid FROM t1 WHERE t1 MATCH 'aa bb' AND t1 MATCH '(NOT';
} {1 {fts5: syntax error near "NOT"}}