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** 2008 August 05
** The author disclaims copyright to this source code.  In place of
** a legal notice, here is a blessing:
**    May you do good and not evil.
**    May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others.
**    May you share freely, never taking more than you give.
** This header file defines the interface that the sqlite page cache
** subsystem. 
** @(#) $Id: pcache.h,v 1.20 2009/07/25 11:46:49 danielk1977 Exp $

#ifndef _PCACHE_H_

typedef struct PgHdr PgHdr;
typedef struct PCache PCache;

** Every page in the cache is controlled by an instance of the following
** structure.
struct PgHdr {
  void *pData;                   /* Content of this page */
  void *pExtra;                  /* Extra content */
  PgHdr *pDirty;                 /* Transient list of dirty pages */
  Pgno pgno;                     /* Page number for this page */
  Pager *pPager;                 /* The pager this page is part of */
  u32 pageHash;                  /* Hash of page content */
  u16 flags;                     /* PGHDR flags defined below */

  ** Elements above are public.  All that follows is private to pcache.c
  ** and should not be accessed by other modules.
  i16 nRef;                      /* Number of users of this page */
  PCache *pCache;                /* Cache that owns this page */

  PgHdr *pDirtyNext;             /* Next element in list of dirty pages */
  PgHdr *pDirtyPrev;             /* Previous element in list of dirty pages */

/* Bit values for PgHdr.flags */
#define PGHDR_DIRTY             0x002  /* Page has changed */
#define PGHDR_NEED_SYNC         0x004  /* Fsync the rollback journal before
                                       ** writing this page to the database */
#define PGHDR_NEED_READ         0x008  /* Content is unread */
#define PGHDR_REUSE_UNLIKELY    0x010  /* A hint that reuse is unlikely */
#define PGHDR_DONT_WRITE        0x020  /* Do not write content to disk */

/* Initialize and shutdown the page cache subsystem */
int sqlite3PcacheInitialize(void);
void sqlite3PcacheShutdown(void);

/* Page cache buffer management:
** These routines implement SQLITE_CONFIG_PAGECACHE.
void sqlite3PCacheBufferSetup(void *, int sz, int n);

/* Create a new pager cache.
** Under memory stress, invoke xStress to try to make pages clean.
** Only clean and unpinned pages can be reclaimed.
void sqlite3PcacheOpen(
  int szPage,                    /* Size of every page */
  int szExtra,                   /* Extra space associated with each page */
  int bPurgeable,                /* True if pages are on backing store */
  int (*xStress)(void*, PgHdr*), /* Call to try to make pages clean */
  void *pStress,                 /* Argument to xStress */
  PCache *pToInit                /* Preallocated space for the PCache */

/* Modify the page-size after the cache has been created. */
void sqlite3PcacheSetPageSize(PCache *, int);

/* Return the size in bytes of a PCache object.  Used to preallocate
** storage space.
int sqlite3PcacheSize(void);

/* One release per successful fetch.  Page is pinned until released.
** Reference counted. 
int sqlite3PcacheFetch(PCache*, Pgno, int createFlag, PgHdr**);
void sqlite3PcacheRelease(PgHdr*);

void sqlite3PcacheDrop(PgHdr*);         /* Remove page from cache */
void sqlite3PcacheMakeDirty(PgHdr*);    /* Make sure page is marked dirty */
void sqlite3PcacheMakeClean(PgHdr*);    /* Mark a single page as clean */
void sqlite3PcacheCleanAll(PCache*);    /* Mark all dirty list pages as clean */

/* Change a page number.  Used by incr-vacuum. */
void sqlite3PcacheMove(PgHdr*, Pgno);

/* Remove all pages with pgno>x.  Reset the cache if x==0 */
void sqlite3PcacheTruncate(PCache*, Pgno x);

/* Get a list of all dirty pages in the cache, sorted by page number */
PgHdr *sqlite3PcacheDirtyList(PCache*);

/* Reset and close the cache object */
void sqlite3PcacheClose(PCache*);

/* Clear flags from pages of the page cache */
void sqlite3PcacheClearSyncFlags(PCache *);

/* Discard the contents of the cache */
void sqlite3PcacheClear(PCache*);

/* Return the total number of outstanding page references */
int sqlite3PcacheRefCount(PCache*);

/* Increment the reference count of an existing page */
void sqlite3PcacheRef(PgHdr*);

int sqlite3PcachePageRefcount(PgHdr*);

/* Return the total number of pages stored in the cache */
int sqlite3PcachePagecount(PCache*);

#if defined(SQLITE_CHECK_PAGES) || defined(SQLITE_DEBUG)
/* Iterate through all dirty pages currently stored in the cache. This
** interface is only available if SQLITE_CHECK_PAGES is defined when the 
** library is built.
void sqlite3PcacheIterateDirty(PCache *pCache, void (*xIter)(PgHdr *));

/* Set and get the suggested cache-size for the specified pager-cache.
** If no global maximum is configured, then the system attempts to limit
** the total number of pages cached by purgeable pager-caches to the sum
** of the suggested cache-sizes.
void sqlite3PcacheSetCachesize(PCache *, int);
int sqlite3PcacheGetCachesize(PCache *);

/* Try to return memory used by the pcache module to the main memory heap */
int sqlite3PcacheReleaseMemory(int);

void sqlite3PcacheStats(int*,int*,int*,int*);

void sqlite3PCacheSetDefault(void);

#endif /* _PCACHE_H_ */