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**    May you do good and not evil.
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#include "sqliteInt.h"

void sqlite3WindowDelete(sqlite3 *db, Window *p){
  if( p ){
    sqlite3ExprDelete(db, p->pFilter);
    sqlite3ExprListDelete(db, p->pPartition);
    sqlite3ExprListDelete(db, p->pOrderBy);
    sqlite3ExprDelete(db, p->pEnd);
    sqlite3ExprDelete(db, p->pStart);
    sqlite3DbFree(db, p);

Window *sqlite3WindowAlloc(
  Parse *pParse, 
  int eType,
  int eEnd, Expr *pEnd, 
  int eStart, Expr *pStart
  Window *pWin = (Window*)sqlite3DbMallocZero(pParse->db, sizeof(Window));

  if( pWin ){
    pWin->eType = eType;
    pWin->eStart = eStart;
    pWin->eEnd = eEnd;
    pWin->pEnd = pEnd;
    pWin->pStart = pStart;
    sqlite3ExprDelete(pParse->db, pEnd);
    sqlite3ExprDelete(pParse->db, pStart);

  return pWin;

void sqlite3WindowAttach(Parse *pParse, Expr *p, Window *pWin){
  if( p ){
    p->pWin = pWin;
    sqlite3WindowDelete(pParse->db, pWin);