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** 2005 November 29
** The author disclaims copyright to this source code.  In place of
** a legal notice, here is a blessing:
**    May you do good and not evil.
**    May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others.
**    May you share freely, never taking more than you give.
** This file contains OS interface code that is common to all
** architectures.
#define _SQLITE_OS_C_ 1
#include "sqliteInt.h"
#include "os.h"

** The following routines are convenience wrappers around methods
** of the OsFile object.  This is mostly just syntactic sugar.  All
** of this would be completely automatic if SQLite were coded using
** C++ instead of plain old C.
int sqlite3OsClose(OsFile **pId){
  OsFile *id;
  if( pId!=0 && (id = *pId)!=0 ){
    return id->pMethod->xClose(pId);
    return SQLITE_OK;
int sqlite3OsOpenDirectory(OsFile *id, const char *zName){
  return id->pMethod->xOpenDirectory(id, zName);
int sqlite3OsRead(OsFile *id, void *pBuf, int amt){
  return id->pMethod->xRead(id, pBuf, amt);
int sqlite3OsWrite(OsFile *id, const void *pBuf, int amt){
  return id->pMethod->xWrite(id, pBuf, amt);
int sqlite3OsSeek(OsFile *id, i64 offset){
  return id->pMethod->xSeek(id, offset);
int sqlite3OsTruncate(OsFile *id, i64 size){
  return id->pMethod->xTruncate(id, size);
int sqlite3OsSync(OsFile *id, int fullsync){
  return id->pMethod->xSync(id, fullsync);
void sqlite3OsSetFullSync(OsFile *id, int value){
  id->pMethod->xSetFullSync(id, value);
int sqlite3OsFileHandle(OsFile *id){
  return id->pMethod->xFileHandle(id);
int sqlite3OsFileSize(OsFile *id, i64 *pSize){
  return id->pMethod->xFileSize(id, pSize);
int sqlite3OsLock(OsFile *id, int lockType){
  return id->pMethod->xLock(id, lockType);
int sqlite3OsUnlock(OsFile *id, int lockType){
  return id->pMethod->xUnlock(id, lockType);
int sqlite3OsLockState(OsFile *id){
  return id->pMethod->xLockState(id);
int sqlite3OsCheckReservedLock(OsFile *id){
  return id->pMethod->xCheckReservedLock(id);

** A function to return a pointer to the virtual function table.
** This routine really does not accomplish very much since the
** virtual function table is a global variable and anybody who
** can call this function can just as easily access the variable
** for themselves.  Nevertheless, we include this routine for
** backwards compatibility with an earlier redefinable I/O
** interface design.
struct sqlite3OsVtbl *sqlite3_os_switch(void){
  return &sqlite3Os;