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Compile-time Options
7. Options To Enable Features Normally Turned Off  ... SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS5 When this option is defined in the amalgamation, versions 5 of the full-text search engine (fts5) is added to the build automatically. SQLITE_ENABLE_GEOPOLY When this option is defined in the amalgamation, the Geopoly extension is included in the ... 
PRAGMA secure_delete  ... In particular, the FTS3 and FTS5 virtual tables that come bundled with SQLite might leave forensic traces in their shadow tables even if the secure_delete pragma is enabled.
SQLite Older News
 ... JSON SQL functions The FTS5 full-text search engine Support for indexes on expressions Support for table-valued functions See the change log for a long and more complete list of changes. 2015-07-29 - Release ... 


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