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SQLite Release 3.39.3 On 2022-09-05

Prior changes from version 3.39.0 (2022-06-25):

  1. Add (long overdue) support for RIGHT and FULL OUTER JOIN.
  2. Add new binary comparison operators IS NOT DISTINCT FROM and IS DISTINCT FROM that are equivalent to IS and IS NOT, respective, for compatibility with PostgreSQL and SQL standards.
  3. Add a new return code (value "3") from the sqlite3_vtab_distinct() interface that indicates a query that has both DISTINCT and ORDER BY clauses.
  4. Added the sqlite3_db_name() interface.
  5. The unix os interface resolves all symbolic links in database filenames to create a canonical name for the database before the file is opened. If the SQLITE_OPEN_NOFOLLOW flag is used with sqlite3_open_v2() or similar, the open will fail if any element of the path is a symbolic link.
  6. Defer materializing views until the materialization is actually needed, thus avoiding unnecessary work if the materialization turns out to never be used.
  7. The HAVING clause of a SELECT statement is now allowed on any aggregate query, even queries that do not have a GROUP BY clause.
  8. Many microoptimizations collectively reduce CPU cycles by about 2.3%.

Prior changes from version 3.39.1 (2022-07-13):

  1. Fix an incorrect result from a query that uses a view that contains a compound SELECT in which only one arm contains a RIGHT JOIN and where the view is not the first FROM clause term of the query that contains the view. forum post 174afeae5734d42d.
  2. Fix some harmless compiler warnings.
  3. Fix a long-standing problem with ALTER TABLE RENAME that can only arise if the sqlite3_limit(SQLITE_LIMIT_SQL_LENGTH) is set to a very small value.
  4. Fix a long-standing problem in FTS3 that can only arise when compiled with the SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS3_PARENTHESIS compile-time option.
  5. Fix the build so that is works when the SQLITE_DEBUG and SQLITE_OMIT_WINDOWFUNC compile-time options are both provided at the same time.
  6. Fix the initial-prefix optimization for the REGEXP extension so that it works correctly even if the prefix contains characters that require a 3-byte UTF8 encoding.
  7. Enhance the sqlite_stmt virtual table so that it buffers all of its output.

Prior changes from version 3.39.2 (2022-07-21):

  1. Fix a performance regression in the query planner associated with rearranging the order of FROM clause terms in the presences of a LEFT JOIN.
  2. Apply fixes for CVE-2022-35737, Chromium bugs 1343348 and 1345947, forum post 3607259d3c, and other minor problems discovered by internal testing.

Changes in this specific patch release, version 3.39.3 (2022-09-05):

  1. Use a statement journal on DML statement affecting two or more database rows if the statement makes use of a SQL functions that might abort. See forum thread 9b9e4716c0d7bbd1.
  2. Use a mutex to protect the PRAGMA temp_store_directory and PRAGMA data_store_directory statements, even though they are deprecated and documented as not being threadsafe. See forum post 719a11e1314d1c70.
  3. Other bug and warning fixes. See the timeline for details.


  4. SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: 2022-09-05 11:02:23 4635f4a69c8c2a8df242b384a992aea71224e39a2ccab42d8c0b0602f1e826e8
  5. SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: 2fc273cf8032b601c9e06207efa0ae80eb73d5a1d283eb91096c815fa9640257

A complete list of SQLite releases in a single page and a chronology are both also available. A detailed history of every check-in is available at SQLite version control site.