Encryption For System.Data.SQLite

The SDS-SEE.exml key file activates encryption in System.Data.SQLite. A license for SDS-SEE.exml is available for an annual, renewable fee of $2500 USD. Use the form below to purchase or to request a quote.

For details on how to use the SQLite Encryption Extension with System.Data.SQLite, see https://sqlite.org/see/doc/release/www/readme.wiki.

After payment, we will email you a SDS-SEE.exml file that is registered specifically to you. Simply include that file in your project and make a few simple startup changes, and encryption will be enabled.

If you allow your license to expire - if you fail to renew, your products that are based on System.Data.SQLite will continue to work, however you will not be able to upgrade to a newer version of System.Data.SQLite without purchasing a new license.

  SDS-SEE.exml Only ($2500 USD/year)
  SDS-SEE.exml + 1 year of technical support ($4000 USD)
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