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16:38 Reply: Configuring SQLite to wait indefinitely artifact: 12328c4403 user: nchammas

Your understanding is correct. 24 days is obviously more than enough wait time. I was just looking for something that expressed "wait forever" more directly to the human reading the code.

Since I am using SQLite via the Python standard library, I don't think I can define a custom busy handler. I'll make do with the 24 days.

Thank you all for the responses.

17:37 Post: Configuring SQLite to wait indefinitely artifact: 2744b798ff user: nchammas

Is there any way to configure busy_timeout so that SQLite waits indefinitely?

I know I can set the timeout to INT32_MAX milliseconds, which is roughly equal to 24.5 days of waiting. But I'm wondering if there is a more semantically direct way of saying "wait forever".