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50 events by user drh occurring around 2020-09-10 14:57:28.

11:32 Reply: pragma_table_info virtual table, same table names different schemas artifact: 22041b0e53 user: drh
16:07 Reply: Column ordering and space saving artifact: 5e030d06c5 user: drh
16:00 Edit: Column ordering and space saving artifact: 85ce2b4cf5 user: drh
17:35 Reply: Results from callcatcher run on SQLite artifact: e9840f133e user: drh
11:57 Reply: DISTINCT does not work in CTE artifact: f839c583ae user: drh
13:37 Reply: SQLite 3.33.0 has an integer overflow leading to heap out of bound access on 32-bit systems artifact: f2b8939e4a user: drh
16:05 Reply: identification of user function artifact: d7aaa8c93b user: drh
13:23 Reply: slow import of CSV files artifact: 8506d58c2d user: drh
18:18 Reply: Does SQLite automatically create an index for a INTEGER PRIMARY KEY column? artifact: 0ab82bddef user: drh
02:09 Reply: Bug report: json_extract stops prematurely artifact: 98c002e755 user: drh
13:11 Reply: request on 5 tables artifact: 8635886fa9 user: drh
12:21 Reply: Static analysis warnings in lemon parser artifact: c502d4b5ff user: drh
15:40 Reply: Why was there no error message at CREATE TABLE? artifact: b51f74d485 user: drh
15:47 Reply: Creating Static Library using source code artifact: a177eb1484 user: drh
12:12 Reply: script de update artifact: 26c9367a05 user: drh
00:01 Reply: Bug or feature? DISTINCT ignored in the initial select of a WITH clause artifact: 26990b3e24 user: drh
18:01 Reply: Documentation issue (wrong table name) in FAQ, point 7 artifact: 889b616b87 user: drh
13:02 Reply: Open In-Memory DB on existing memory artifact: 0bc79cfc36 user: drh
12:31 Reply: Open In-Memory DB on existing memory artifact: 709fd11fa5 user: drh
11:18 Reply: Querying all compile options used artifact: 1f36d081c6 user: drh
15:03 Reply: INNER JOIN error artifact: 2fef7fb350 user: drh
14:28 Reply: sqlite3BtreeHoldsMutex: Assertion error artifact: c49a753c88 user: drh
15:12 Reply: SQLITE_ENABLE_UPDATE_DELETE_LIMIT artifact: 262a9c8111 user: drh
15:09 Reply: Typo in https://www.sqlite.org/draft/c3ref/txn_state.html artifact: b649c6ac27 user: drh
14:57 Reply: Check-in description possible correction artifact: d359c078cd user: drh
14:56 Reply: Typo in https://www.sqlite.org/draft/c3ref/txn_state.html artifact: 5af1f0107e user: drh
13:01 Reply: SQLITE_ENABLE_UPDATE_DELETE_LIMIT artifact: ba85ac030b user: drh
12:10 Reply: SQLITE_ENABLE_UPDATE_DELETE_LIMIT artifact: 948837fd80 user: drh
17:02 Reply: Switching data between two columns artifact: 3c33f1e0ee user: drh
20:45 Reply: extension-functions.c - pre-compiled Windows Binary artifact: 7691453f10 user: drh
20:44 Edit reply: extension-functions.c - pre-compiled Windows Binary artifact: c0461d8e43 user: drh
20:03 Reply: after crash loosing all records in a multi-GB table artifact: a8c8c2e6d5 user: drh
19:44 Reply: Attaching to DB *AFTER* Transaction started artifact: 919d3eafa9 user: drh
19:21 Reply: extension-functions.c - pre-compiled Windows Binary artifact: 6b73ce2306 user: drh
18:58 Reply: Is date/time atomic per statement/transaction? artifact: b0c7c04f28 user: drh
21:08 Reply: Process vs OS level durability (sync=NORMAL, WAL) artifact: 5c45279353 user: drh
17:48 Edit reply: Packaging althttpd artifact: 343e8a67ad user: drh
17:43 Reply: sqlite3 column truncation problem artifact: 4fbe188cb3 user: drh
01:25 Reply: Minor typo in doc chapter title artifact: 83a93c2a3b user: drh
15:35 Reply: Set diferent Quote Character artifact: aeec896fc3 user: drh
15:49 Reply: Dot Command - Square Brackets artifact: 1c7c21e66a user: drh
15:21 Reply: Dot Command - Square Brackets artifact: a2d5963eb7 user: drh
12:08 Reply: Unexpected behaviour of the sum function artifact: 41becd597d user: drh
11:39 Reply: UPDATE x AS y: alias invalid in "SET" expr artifact: 6efcfc51b6 user: drh
11:30 Reply: Text shown as Blob binary data artifact: e125191877 user: drh
21:08 Reply: sqlite3_column_type wrong artifact: 60853a5762 user: drh
21:04 Edit: sqlite3_column_type wrong artifact: c8be93d816 user: drh
12:32 Edit: How do I access urls in a sqlite database using timedelta? artifact: 4986aa9af9 user: drh
11:22 Reply: HEX - What is the reverse function? artifact: 197c124f82 user: drh
11:14 Edit reply: Allow only SELECT statements in a read-write database (is EXPLAIN a good practice?) artifact: 8f74d83851 user: drh