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15:04 Post: Migrating to new SQLite version (artifact: 2d383dacc1 user: tscha70)

Our existing database is password protected and encrypted with RC4.

The newer versions of SQLite do not support RC4 and ChangePassword was also removed.

If I update my software-project with the latest version of SQLite, how would I be able to open an existing database with RC4 encryption?

A) not at all

B) by removing the encryption through a magic spell

C) by running two SQLite versions in parallel, one removing the password

D) ...

Can anybody help me?

09:18 Post: conn.ChangePassword is missing (artifact: fbd31af899 user: tscha70)

In the latest C# implementation of .NET for SQLite the method .ChangePassword was removed. Does anyone know a workaround?