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23:58 Reply: null character sorts greater than 0x7f and less than 0x80 (artifact: 41a7b02d11 user: resuna)

Tcl does have functions for converting to a standard encoding. It's just that very few packages, apparently including sqlite, use them.

I'm in the process of updating Pgtcl to use them.


In my case I discovered it was converting "mathematical fraktur capital a" into "ed a0 b5 ed b4 84" instead of "F0 9D 94 84" and PostgreSQL said "ERROR: invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8": 0xed 0xa0 0xb5". Passing through "Tcl_UtfToExternalDString(utf8encoding..." fixed it right up.

13:14 Reply: tcl / db eval error (artifact: 6b629cb915 user: resuna)

Since the forums collapse escape sequences, the code was perhaps [join $sql \n]?

17:46 Reply: select in order (artifact: d9a28d61eb user: resuna)

Try writing into tmpfs. That's a bit faster than SSD.

19:30 Reply: 3.31.1: docs as PDF? (artifact: 6f91b37116 user: resuna)

tar.gz would be better, because zip has the index at the end which means you have to wait for the whole file before you can start rendering it. For a file you're streaming over a possibly low bandwidth stream that adds more startup delay.

14:16 Reply: Natural sort order (artifact: 562eb5b4c7 user: resuna)

You wouldn't use this sort on zip codes, would you?

14:14 Reply: Natural sort order (artifact: 4d63f77951 user: resuna)

That opens up Unicode collation and localization and that's a whole new can of worms.

15:37 Reply: Quoting is hard (artifact: 8661865d58 user: resuna)

Then something similar. Tap and hold can also bring up a menu. Or display a paragraph symbol when you tap on text and have that select the whole paragraph. There are a number of option.

13:37 Reply: Quoting is hard (artifact: 3f9870a33a user: resuna)

And those that do trim quotes have to do the work of trimming the quote, which is more work than selecting the one bit you actually need and copy-pasting it.

Make tap-and-hold on a paragraph copy or select just that paragraph?

15:24 Reply: Request for comment: New ANALYZE syntax (artifact: 0b64f011cb user: resuna)

ANALYZE samples=25, FAST;

Does this last command mean that you want to analyze all tables using the "samples=25" and "fast" options, or does it mean that you want to analyze the table named "fast" with the "samples=25" option?

The former. The latter would be "ANALYZE samples=25 FAST;"