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11:51 Reply: System.Data.SQLite with SSE (or other encryption) (artifact: da13fea6a3 user: igolovic)

Sorry, wrong word formulation - are there any tutorials on how to integrate SEE (once you buy it and compile it) into a .NET application which uses System.Data.Sqlite ?

11:43 Reply: System.Data.SQLite with SSE (or other encryption) (artifact: 8e5322bd0c user: igolovic)

Thank you. Are there any tutorials/demos/examples/documentation on how to create a .NET application, or connect to it, a System.Data.Sqlite package with SEE binary (which by itself, I believe, is a native binary, and it should be integrated with managed System.Data.Sqlite package)?

It would be the best option for us to keep original System.Data.Sqlite package but we have a pressing need to connect it with encrypted Sqlite database - and we would prefer to use SEE. Any information is much appreciated.

10:32 Post: System.Data.SQLite with SSE (or other encryption) (artifact: 0ed2055bf1 user: igolovic)

Hi, will there be a support for SSE (1) in any future version of System.Data.SQLite ?

In a commercial project we are using System.Data.SQLite in a C#/WPF Windows desktop application and sqlite databases are encrypted using now unsupported method (since version, when in SQLite SQLITE_HAS_CODEC was removed).

We are also using System.Data.SQLite.EF6 because we use Entity Framework.

I saw that Microsoft.Data.Sqlite (2) already contains support for encryption libraries (SQLCipher is mentioned). Will there be anything similar in System.Data.SQLite for SSE (or any other encryption library)?


(1) http://www.hwaci.com/sw/sqlite/see.html)

(2) https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/standard/data/sqlite/encryption?tabs=netcore-cli)