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22:19 Post: FTS5 external content tables (artifact: df8f0e2d22 user: gabrielepx)
until now I've used FTS3 and I'm finally moving to FTS5. I've already modified my software to use it, but I'm wondering about FTS5 external content tables.
Are them just a way to save storage space or can I get speed improvements as well?

I always joined the FTS3 table with the real table to get the additional columns not indexed in the FTS table. Using a single FTS5 table with external content and all the additional columns referenced to the normal one (with UNINDEXED) will I have an additional advantage?
I'm talking about tables with 200-5000 rows (not expected to exceed 20000 rows for the foreseeable future) and used in web (PHP) applications.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.