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04:26 Reply: VS and NuGet and SQLite pkg version (artifact: 30afb8f27e user: eKundl)

ok, thanks... didn't know about the package-restore feature.

i went ahead and started the new solution with the latest package and updated my existing solutions that go against the same database to the latest package and they all seem to work without a problem.

thanks for the reply...

18:41 Post: VS and NuGet and SQLite pkg version (artifact: 1285ecfa40 user: eKundl)

I'm using VS2017, WinForms. i've got numerous Solutions in the last 4/5 years using SQLite and Dappers microORM.

when i would start a new Solution/Project i would just use NuGet and install whatever was the latest System.Data.SQLite.Core package. so i have programs/exe with various versions, 1.0.110,, for example.

i'm going to add another Solution to an earlier program that will read from a database created/maintained by that earlier program.

i was just going to use NuGet and install the same earlier package version, however, NuGet in VS is only showing

so... i notice that in the earlier Solution, NuGet created a folder named packages which has the .dlls and interop files, and i was thinking i'd just copy those to the new solution... but i don't know what else NuGet might be doing to 'install' SQLite into the solution.

or i can just update the earlier Solution to the latest package, which probably would be less of a headache.

Am I going to encounter incompatibilities/ failed project compiles etc if i update from to

i'd like to do whatever causes me less work/less time to get it right.

thanks... eric

01:29 Post: how to manage VS projects SQLite DLLS (artifact: ad823e6429 user: eKundl)

i probably should have asked this when i started using SQLite... but i didn't, so...

i've got about a dozen VisualStudio solutions now using SQLite. i'm also using Dapper.

everytime i start a new solution, i use NuGet in VS to add the System.Data.SQLite.Core package... so now i have a number of projects that are using different versions of SQLite.

i'm thinking i should control this better.. like have a folder with SQLite Dll in it and just add this DLL in VS references for the project? so that all projects use the same version of SQLite when i 'rebuild' the solution?

does adding the NuGet package make any changes to the VS project other than include the one System.Data.SQLite.dll? there are two folders in the Release folder, x64 and x86 with SQLite.Interop.dll files in them.. so i assume these are created due to the NuGet SQLite package?

should i just not worry about the different versions? or is there a way to change my procedure so i can keep SQLite versions consistent?

thanks... eric

02:24 Reply: Select is S*L*O*W but not in Development (artifact: 1c8b6c7562 user: eKundl)

THAT WAS IT... excluded the folder from MalwareBytes.. loads immediately now..

thanks a lot.. i wasted hours trying to see what was wrong with the code. i can sleep tonight...

02:19 Reply: Select is S*L*O*W but not in Development (artifact: c0c0f15f8e user: eKundl)

yeah, i guess I should move this to a C# forum. no AV or backup is running.. this is on my home Desktop PC.

i just created another solution with just the Form that is the problem... I get the same results... when run from the development folder, which is on my D: drive... it loads the 80 rows immediately. copy the development folder to any other folder... takes 5 seconds.

WAIT A MINUTE... i do have Malwarebytes running, and probably windows defender is running and I believe i have Malwarebytes set to exclude my Development folder... that might be IT !

thanks for bringing that up... i'll try to trun the AV off for a test.

01:11 Post: Select is S*L*O*W but not in Development (artifact: de075ba31f user: eKundl)
C# Windows Form, Windows 10.
using Dapper DLL.

a very small table, only 80 rows and about 10 columns.
doing this query: Select * from House order by Territory,TSeq ASC.
Territory is a string, TSeq is an Integer.

on a windows Form in the program, i do the Select using Dapper.
take the result set into a List, then write the rows to a ListView.

In the /bin/Release/ folder, this loads the ListView immediately.
using SQLiteStudio, this Select takes .07 seconds.

however, when I copy the /bin/Release/ folder with the exact same exe/dlls/and DB, to a folder on the Cdrive or Ddrive, it takes about 5 seconds to populate the ListView.

I've tried with and without all the PDB/xml/config files, and on different drives and folders.. it runs slow everywhere but in the /bin/Release folder.

??? maybe this is a C# forum question, but I can't see what the difference would be between the Release folder and some other folder.

thanks for any comments... eric