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01:52 Reply: 64-bit precompiled Linux binaries (artifact: 297986f743 user: daniel15)

You don't need root access to build and install it under your home directory

Right... What I meant is that I can't install 32-bit glibc (to get the 32-bit builds running) or the 64-bit Debian/CentOS SQLite package.

You're right that I could compile it myself in my home directory, however since the site has 32-bit builds today, I thought it'd be useful to also include 64-bit builds on the site given a large majority of servers are moving towards 64-bit, rather than having to compile it myself.


18:51 Post: 64-bit precompiled Linux binaries (artifact: 66cd156045 user: daniel15)

Would it be possible to provide 64-bit precompiled Linux binaries on the SQLite site? I'm using SQLite in an environment where only 64-bit programs can run (no 32-bit glibc is installed) and I don't have root access, so I can't use the 32-bit builds nor can I install SQLite using the OS package manager.