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16:59 Post: The vacuum statement doesn't enforce the limit on the number of reserved bytes (artifact: e807885dc5 user: _blgl_)
	SQLite version 3.34.0 2020-12-01 16:14:00
	Enter ".help" for usage hints.
	sqlite> .dbinfo
	database page size:  1024
	write format:        1
	read format:         1
	reserved bytes:      33
	file change counter: 3
	database page count: 274
	freelist page count: 0
	schema cookie:       10
	schema format:       4
	default cache size:  0
	autovacuum top root: 0
	incremental vacuum:  0
	text encoding:       1 (utf8)
	user version:        0
	application id:      0
	software version:    3034000
	number of tables:    7
	number of indexes:   5
	number of triggers:  0
	number of views:     0
	schema size:         1616
	data version         2
	sqlite> pragma page_size=512;
	sqlite> vacuum;
	sqlite> .dbinfo
	error: file is not a database

No error, no warning, just a defunct database file.