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00:04 Reply: Performance issues with query parameters vs. static strings (artifact: 24cf33cb3d user: _Neal_)

"Everyone has moved to smartphones"

OK, maybe I should have added ‘figuratively’ but ...

This statement is false.

This statement is not going to age well. Case in point: even Warren who initially pushed back on my issue acknowledges that he has to jump back and forth between iPhone and desktop to use this forum. If it becomes easy to compose on iPhone/iPad do you think he will ?

22:17 Reply: Performance issues with query parameters vs. static strings (artifact: 40cbe958f4 user: _Neal_)

People have all kinds of crazy expectations that don't line up with reality.

And yet, let me repeat, "Everyone has moved to smartphones". They are even flying spaceships with those.

... 3 taps ... 3 taps ...alt-keys ... Emoji ... Shift key

fingertip covers 9 different on-screen keys

:-) Boy, we are getting old.

the only workable alternative ... Are you volunteering?

Well, keeping the issue open is another. At least we are now acknowledging it.

21:04 Reply: Performance issues with query parameters vs. static strings (artifact: 79ac89719f user: _Neal_)

miserable on a smartphone. Factor that out

Sorry but no. Everyone has moved to smartphones and its a general expectation now that things will preferably be done on smartphones and to the extent possible things are designed and optimized for smartphones first. Sqlite forum experience has clearly regressed as far as composing replies on today's devices is concerned - especially when the same was easier with older system of mailing list. I am otherwise OK with forum. Just FYI - I have been with SQLite since 04.

You've posted four messages to this forum over its 100 day history,

Can you imagine why? And can you imagine how many others might also be finding the experience disappointing and, unlike me, giving up on it silently

Given all of that, the solution, while awkward...

Why give awkward solutions to straightforward problems? Doesn't it just reinforce my assertion that composing replies has become a headache.

19:32 Reply: Performance issues with query parameters vs. static strings (artifact: acc23cdbb4 user: _Neal_)

Sending parameters into SQLite engine is not essential to do the “in” test. You may be able to avoid all the parameter passing overhead by simply writing a function to do the “in” check in your .NET code, register the function with SQLite and call it from the SQL query:

Let’s say you write a function called “my_in(String) in .NET and register it with SQLite as described here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/172845

Then just use it:

Select * from table where my_in(agg)

Ps: Mailing list was so much better; Hate composing replies on the forum on iPhone - cannot even see the whole thread while composing.

20:46 Reply: Feature Request: support bulk value fetches (artifact: 1d943c8bd7 user: _Neal_)

and each of the threads could 'step' at roughly the same rate:

Here is an idea to consider. If the goal is to even out the progress of threads (rows-processed) by increasing the length of 'F'-runs, simply bumping up the active-thread's priority at 'S' and then reducing it again at last 'F' might work.

Caveats: not portable, will not cut the mutex acquisition/release overhead, cannot 100% guarantee all 'F's for a 'S' will be done in one thread-run.

14:25 Reply: Subqueries and "no such column" error on references to other tables (artifact: 635cb9fb60 user: _Neal_)

Columns from both of the join operands can be referenced in ON clause - thus your first query works. But your second query is trying to refer to first join operand’s column in second join operand - that is not allowed.

21:09 Reply: Natural sort order (artifact: 50a6bc469b user: _Neal_)

Suggestions for alternative names?

GNU coreutils (sort and ls) have a similar -v option called "Version Sort"(https://www.gnu.org/software/coreutils/manual/html_node/Version-sort-overview.html)