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07:22 Post: How to skip intermediate data of DB in file? (artifact: eabcd8bd7b user: Lyalot)

I create database of rather big (some Gbytes) size. All operations are of type "write to DB", no read operations. While adding records to DB, memory of computer is also captured. Is any possibility to stop the stream of SQL-operations, to write accumulated data of DB into output file, clear memory and then to continue main stream of SQL-write commands?

06:05 Reply: Different time spent in Windows and Linux (artifact: ba83948884 user: Lyalot)

Operations are grouped in both Windows and Linux. The problem was removed by enclosing the block of operations in "brackets": BEGIN TRANSACTION and COMMIT

13:10 Post: Different time spent in Windows and Linux (artifact: 05897c25b7 user: Lyalot)
I have a task, where I read a text file, parse it and save some contents in SQLite database. So there are only write-operations to database.
In Windows this task is performed in 75 seconds. In Linux - in 15 minutes.
Profiling of code displays that database operations take 90% of all task time.

Are there any suggestions about what settings in the SQLite can cause such a catastrophic difference in times?