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18:30 Reply: NEXT VALUE FOR in SQLite (artifact: beabb58a24 user: I-Vladimir)

If not exists I have to add some min value, but that can be done in advance. In most cases I have to get a unique range of numbers for the counter (account). I can advance the counter value for the number items in the range and self generate numbers. The only issue if some values in the range jumps over the max range value and will not proper cycled. Don't think a single statement can accommodate such logic. But approach is very nice.

All threads using their own connection with FullMutex flag.

19:52 Reply: WAL/SHM files do not get deleted with ReadOnly flag (artifact: e433d46aa9 user: I-Vladimir)

I agree, but with ReadWrite FullMitex option set, wal file get created and deleted with Close, while ReadOnly close doesn't delete it leaving impression that there still open connection.

14:25 Reply: NEXT VALUE FOR in SQLite (artifact: 54b57cecec user: I-Vladimir)

Thanks Richard, I probably forgot to indicate I would want to get inserted/updated value back as an unique counter to avoid concurrent updates. My app is multi-threaded and my current logic is in an exclusive transaction. Would want to eliminate that.

13:13 Post: WAL/SHM files do not get deleted with ReadOnly flag (artifact: 937048a9a4 user: I-Vladimir)

Hi, Open/Close ReadWrite - wal file deleted. Open/Close ReadOnly - wal/shm files retained. Is that by design? Thanks

13:07 Post: NEXT VALUE FOR in SQLite (artifact: 6cd5af21af user: I-Vladimir)

Hi, I have a table with Name and Value fields. Can anyone suggest a script to create or auto-increment an existing counter record in just a single statement? Thanks

15:03 Post: System.Data.SQLite.EF6.dll Issues (artifact: f941072cd4 user: I-Vladimir)

Hi All, Checking canonical function implementation I figured some issues in SqlGenerator:

  1. Not all canonical functions implemented.

  2. Some DateTime canonical function implementations have issues adding fragments to SqlBuilder with string.format. For example

String.Format("(({0} - 621355968000000000) / 10000000.0)", e.Arguments[1].Accept(sqlgen))

e.Arguments[1].Accept(sqlgen) returns class name instead of actual SQL string to add to the builder.

  1. A possible issue, DateTime.Now converted with no 'localtime' modifier causing date time string returned as UTC
22:57 Post: Canonical Function use with EF62 .NET (artifact: bc0ccca654 user: I-Vladimir)

Hi All, Where can I find an example using canonical functions? I tried using System.Data.Entity.DiffDays but it doesn't have a handler in SQLite SqlBuilder. Would be good to have such mapping to all System.Data.Entity functions at least to understand what is supported. I found DateDiff function handler in SqlBuilder but have no clue how using it.

Is there a way how to get any function definition to the model? My database models supposed to support both SQL Server and SQLite, need to find the best way for interoperability.