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04:29 Reply: Compiling spellfix on macos - Error: Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64 artifact: 70fba3df96 user: ntaylor
00:59 Reply: SQLite WAL mode on vxWorks artifact: 5d3ec07690 user: kmedcalf
00:38 Reply: Importance of "exclusive" in speedtest artifact: 97aff886d5 user: kmedcalf
22:47 Post: Importance of "exclusive" in speedtest artifact: 2da63b6330 user: agnhdb
21:05 Reply: printf improvement artifact: 0d6c4ea067 user: anonymous
20:28 Reply: SQLite3 Extension artifact: d85dcf8755 user: cuz
19:37 Reply: Thanks for SQLite version 3.34.0 artifact: 30e6b733ab user: jicman
19:13 Reply: Thanks for SQLite version 3.34.0 artifact: 89c67831ac user: drh
18:59 Reply: Thanks for SQLite version 3.34.0 artifact: 4d38f309b9 user: jicman
17:22 Reply: SQLite3 Extension artifact: 19ee13e14e user: kmedcalf
17:14 Reply: SQLite3 Extension artifact: bde247ff35 user: anonymous
16:02 Reply: SQLite3 Extension artifact: fc7d385a59 user: kmedcalf
16:01 Reply: printf improvement artifact: b6069efa9b user: ddevienne
15:12 Post: printf improvement artifact: 839fe38585 user: anonymous
15:06 Reply: Change from SQL Server CE to SQLite. Something similar to SQLCEResultSet and SQLCEUpdatableRecord. artifact: 6eaff4217d user: holgerj
14:39 Reply: Insert or ignore in a trigger artifact: 0e9a367ae8 user: gdavidbutler
11:31 Post: Change from SQL Server CE to SQLite. Something similar to SQLCEResultSet and SQLCEUpdatableRecord. artifact: 85532ac1b3 user: anonymous
11:06 Reply: SQLite3 Extension artifact: 56c4a722ad user: cuz
08:47 Reply: Request for change: support item lists with trailing comma artifact: 9a357c3481 user: gunter_hick
08:39 Post: SQLite WAL mode on vxWorks artifact: d4ef2da3b2 user: anonymous
06:56 Post: Request for change: support item lists with trailing comma artifact: 7979bf1545 user: doug9forester
04:21 Post: System.Data.SQLite build on Github Actions artifact: d2cd3d35a2 user: kroggen
23:20 Edit reply: Windows CLI v3.34.0 - paths?s artifact: 4993c7a3f0 user: kmedcalf
23:17 Reply: Windows CLI v3.34.0 - paths?s artifact: 57bdbccfda user: kmedcalf
22:56 Reply: SQLite3 Extension artifact: 3a1a5d236d user: skywalk
22:36 Reply: Do I need SQLite.Interop.dll with System.Data.SQLite.Core. artifact: b136208225 user: anonymous
22:33 Post: Windows CLI v3.34.0 - paths?s artifact: 73ff8de644 user: anonymous
21:34 Reply: SQLite3 Extension artifact: ff7e3cef08 user: drh
21:29 Post: Thanks for SQLite version 3.34.0 artifact: 7ef3cd5fe6 user: jicman
21:22 Reply: SQLite3 Extension artifact: ce53d24bc5 user: anonymous
20:25 Post: Do I need SQLite.Interop.dll with System.Data.SQLite.Core. artifact: 467fbf8619 user: anonymous
20:15 Reply: SQLite3 Extension artifact: 1bb1933142 user: younique
18:46 Reply: SQLite3 - Open & Attach artifact: e0f8e40d76 user: LarryBrasfield
18:38 Reply: SQLite3 - Open & Attach artifact: ff5fee68dd user: anonymous
18:32 Reply: SQLite3 - Open & Attach artifact: dcc809e72d user: ddevienne
18:15 Reply: SQLite3 - Open & Attach artifact: e3905e0c42 user: LarryBrasfield
17:58 Reply: SQLite3 - Open & Attach artifact: 8b69c23aa3 user: stephan
17:51 Reply: SQLite3 - Open & Attach artifact: ac692a1556 user: stephan
17:47 Post: SQLite3 - Open & Attach artifact: d3755a38dc user: anonymous
16:34 Reply: multiple queries artifact: eb21c8fc7d user: LarryBrasfield
16:11 Reply: multiple queries artifact: ed80815132 user: kmedcalf
16:03 Reply: SQLite3 Extension artifact: e065647927 user: anonymous
15:55 Reply: multiple queries artifact: 9f367ca903 user: LarryBrasfield
15:54 Reply: SQLite3 Extension artifact: 239c05d6df user: anonymous
15:41 Reply: SQLite3 Extension artifact: 202bdb6176 user: LarryBrasfield
15:15 Reply: multiple queries artifact: e0bb182db6 user: kmedcalf
15:12 Reply: DB Browser Crash artifact: 6d8f6e15ef user: skywalk
14:59 Reply: SQLite3 Extension artifact: 680ee2a642 user: kmedcalf
14:51 Reply: SQLite3 Extension artifact: b5ee05c403 user: anonymous
14:45 Reply: multiple queries artifact: 2b9028d3d2 user: anonymous