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50 events by user drh occurring around 2020-05-26 18:44:21.

17:57 Reply: Unexepected commit result with two threads application artifact: 39abc7cc0f user: drh
00:19 Reply: json_append array with multiple values artifact: 69a63e854b user: drh
20:46 Reply: SQLIGHT performance artifact: ee2aae963c user: drh
20:38 Reply: SQLIGHT performance artifact: 550ab24269 user: drh
20:34 Reply: SELECT * Column Sequence / Order (not ORDER BY) artifact: c187f45b09 user: drh
14:42 Reply: No threads older than ~ 82 days? artifact: df9c29cbcb user: drh
12:22 Reply: Why is this query giving results below 100 artifact: 9916c0d8f1 user: drh
23:42 Reply: Are Views just stored SQL Strings or something more? artifact: 0ee8827f45 user: drh
23:54 Reply: warning: function may return address of local variable -Wreturn-local-addr artifact: eadcdb7058 user: drh
20:15 Reply: SQLite turns 20 artifact: 6df81d1a95 user: drh
14:56 Reply: SQLite turns 20 artifact: 146718dc23 user: drh
10:23 Edit reply: Confused about blobs artifact: 19c4e3687e user: drh
10:06 Reply: warning: function may return address of local variable -Wreturn-local-addr artifact: 1e150b7e54 user: drh
00:43 Reply: Use of unitialized variable in 3.32.1 artifact: 32754e38dc user: drh
19:54 Reply: shell nit, goofy import leaks memory artifact: 6ae3c05ea8 user: drh
19:52 Reply: SQLite turns 20 artifact: 475391c9f6 user: drh
18:06 Reply: SQLite turns 20 artifact: a0e716b69c user: drh
16:54 Reply: Compiler warnings in shell.c on ArraySize(p->actualWidth) artifact: 9095ab509f user: drh
16:21 Reply: Minor documentation fixes artifact: a33f8d07a9 user: drh
16:18 Post: SQLite turns 20 artifact: 9a7ec8edd5 user: drh
00:45 Reply: Support for Markdown formatted table output from a query artifact: e98da3892e user: drh
00:25 Edit: minor doc bug re quote mode column separator artifact: 18eca5deec user: drh
19:07 Reply: Support for Markdown formatted table output from a query artifact: 0de495e030 user: drh
19:17 Reply: SQLITE_DETERMINISTIC change in 3.32 artifact: 812d990f27 user: drh
18:44 Edit reply: Best way to observe database operations artifact: 2975a2251f user: drh
17:55 Changes to wiki page "about" artifact: 3aba325c50 user: drh
12:00 Reply: Bug when converting string to boolean? artifact: e2b1695393 user: drh
10:23 Reply: Bug when converting string to boolean? artifact: 97937150d3 user: drh
01:59 Reply: SQLITE_HAS_CODE is gone? artifact: 775a68525e user: drh
01:39 Reply: warning: function may return address of local variable -Wreturn-local-addr artifact: a08ce90d9c user: drh
01:02 Reply: warning: function may return address of local variable -Wreturn-local-addr artifact: 7db1ffa925 user: drh
12:43 Reply: Incorrect C code in sqlite3.c artifact: 058472bbb8 user: drh
10:51 Edit: how to save results of artifact: db00790661 user: drh
13:06 Reply: Is there a json_unquote()? artifact: 74d7224fd7 user: drh
10:30 Reply: Wiki artifact: 7793095b21 user: drh
14:01 Reply: ORDER BY not working for a specific DB/table artifact: 7079ecd6d8 user: drh
12:25 Reply: how to insert a structure data into blob? artifact: 3061036e3f user: drh
12:23 Edit: how to insert a structure data into blob? artifact: c988b9fdde user: drh
19:53 Reply: Generating documentation artifact: 3cea4bd590 user: drh
19:20 Edit reply: new PP #define, SQLITE_REPLACE_INVALID_UTF artifact: 3d41962751 user: drh
19:20 Reply: new PP #define, SQLITE_REPLACE_INVALID_UTF artifact: 2d5df121f7 user: drh
16:27 Reply: SQLDIFF not showing true differences artifact: 3ae8c62441 user: drh
16:22 Reply: Overriding collation of IN expressions artifact: 4bc28674b0 user: drh
15:59 Edit: Overriding collation of IN expressions artifact: 77bf96ea94 user: drh
14:58 Reply: Using a numbered parameter (such as ?4) more than once in an SQL statement artifact: 7e9ae32169 user: drh
19:51 Post: Version 3.32.0 in testing artifact: fed169cac1 user: drh
16:22 Reply: Packaging althttpd artifact: 29e05dd01c user: drh
14:49 Reply: Packaging althttpd artifact: df783401f1 user: drh
14:00 Reply: Packaging althttpd artifact: 435ee78b8f user: drh
16:51 Reply: How to compile an extension from scratch? The CSV virtual table in particular artifact: da08f7d2f3 user: drh