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50 events by user drh occurring on or before 2020-04-21 14:48:59.

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14:48 Reply: Country-coding from Lat/Long, using GeoPoly and/or R-Tree artifact: dcba8698b2 user: drh
01:33 Reply: Typo in "The LIKE Optimization" docs artifact: d81308600c user: drh
23:08 Reply: Typo in lang_createtrigger.html artifact: 755a696391 user: drh
15:32 Reply: CASE WHEN False THEN MyFunction() END calls MyFunction artifact: 66c73d261b user: drh
11:00 Reply: Connection error to https://download.sqlitebrowser.org/currentrelease. No ssl context structure could be created. artifact: d72b67ad09 user: drh
20:07 Reply: geopoly_within doc bug artifact: 5c852a139b user: drh
14:13 Reply: sqlite3.exe export with bom artifact: 562fc40335 user: drh
13:34 Reply: Can SQLite query go in hung/stuck state? artifact: 0d1faa3380 user: drh
20:13 Reply: When next release after 3.31.1? artifact: 406781161a user: drh
18:55 Reply: sqlite3.exe export with bom artifact: fb5291c128 user: drh
19:55 Reply: How do create the neat flow diagrams for SQLite? artifact: 97724813b7 user: drh
16:05 Reply: How do create the neat flow diagrams for SQLite? artifact: e8572345f1 user: drh
15:21 Reply: sqlite3_bind_text16 & weird AI artifact: 0587f50911 user: drh
15:06 Reply: can not subscribe artifact: 23d4676c93 user: drh
13:38 Reply: sqlite3_bind_text16 & weird AI artifact: 5f498fe04b user: drh
13:26 Reply: can not subscribe artifact: b9c5662ded user: drh
11:26 Edit reply: Retrieve match context with FTS5 artifact: adf78bb20e user: drh
17:51 Reply: Troubleshooting corrupt indexes artifact: 1ac80bdcb6 user: drh
11:01 Edit reply: Memory leak when calling sqlite3_exec() artifact: 127dec782d user: drh
22:04 Reply: Troubleshooting corrupt indexes artifact: 0cccae3a2c user: drh
22:03 Reply: Troubleshooting corrupt indexes artifact: 01ef46ab89 user: drh
21:02 Reply: Troubleshooting corrupt indexes artifact: 6a1436bc57 user: drh
21:01 Reply: How does one search this forum? artifact: 62f36d902f user: drh
09:36 Edit reply: When will/were recent "sqlite3.31.1 new security issues CVEs" be addressed? artifact: 6c512820c2 user: drh
09:35 Reply: When will/were recent "sqlite3.31.1 new security issues CVEs" be addressed? artifact: 2227276024 user: drh
17:02 Reply: How can I compile the newest percentile.c? artifact: 703601f60f user: drh
02:53 Changes to wiki page "about" artifact: 511d595e30 user: drh
14:55 Reply: Explicitly specifying the function calling convention in the public functions artifact: 2438e82a4d user: drh
19:44 Reply: 3.31.1: docs as PDF? artifact: dbb774c9c1 user: drh
12:12 Reply: 3.31.1: docs as PDF? artifact: 31b89150c4 user: drh
22:09 Reply: JOIN query behaves differently with/without trailing ON? artifact: ffcad64daa user: drh
22:05 Reply: 3.31.1: docs as PDF? artifact: cf9b3f22db user: drh
19:05 Reply: Trivial typo in the documentation artifact: 459924675e user: drh
19:03 Reply: alter table RENAME COLUMN took 3 hours artifact: ec712861e2 user: drh
14:41 Reply: alter table RENAME COLUMN took 3 hours artifact: 8ec9a29d48 user: drh
14:24 Reply: alter table RENAME COLUMN took 3 hours artifact: 5a59dce5aa user: drh
13:55 Reply: Bug in multiple Primary key inserting null. artifact: 9beb92af84 user: drh
16:39 Reply: How does one search this forum? artifact: 4bd4f8f4d9 user: drh
16:36 Reply: alter table RENAME COLUMN took 3 hours artifact: b0ae8822c2 user: drh
16:08 Edit reply: Opening a database without creating a new one and Error logging artifact: ce4f502e98 user: drh
15:40 Reply: Best order to vaccum, analyze, create indexes, etc.. ? artifact: 62fb63a29c user: drh
15:00 Edit reply: NDK compiling issue with -DSQLITE_ENABLE_ICU artifact: 3b80dbb531 user: drh
07:52 Edit: NDK compiling issue with -DSQLITE_ENABLE_ICU artifact: 33a760f36c user: drh
19:36 Reply: Json path with $.# results in json path error artifact: bf39ef9c2f user: drh
14:28 Reply: Anonymous posting should be disabled on SQLite Forum artifact: b00c7dbaca user: drh
10:09 Edit: Documentation ambiguity around sqlite3_auto_extension artifact: e40ce461a8 user: drh
11:46 Edit reply: Hibernate SQLite dialect artifact: f6812fe161 user: drh
19:06 Reply: 3.31.1: create table with multiple primary key columns artifact: fc5fa5181b user: drh
20:44 Reply: Natural sort order artifact: 6c32cec36f user: drh
01:03 Reply: Natural sort order artifact: 4b01876e72 user: drh
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