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50 events by user drh occurring around 2021-08-21 16:51:05.

18:02 Reply: no check for a failled malloc artifact: 5136f7619e user: drh
09:50 Reply: Q shrink.test artifact: 8891d52827 user: drh
18:24 Reply: ZIPVFS questions artifact: 683435e2ba user: drh
19:45 Reply: Issues with sqlite3IsNaN() and HAVE_ISNAN artifact: 512166c2a5 user: drh
12:26 Reply: SQLite3.exe fails to handle huge multi-line-comment artifact: d5d7e8dcca user: drh
10:07 Reply: Issues with sqlite3IsNaN() and HAVE_ISNAN artifact: c4b60638b6 user: drh
00:56 Reply: v3.36.0 fails to compile under Ubuntu artifact: 81173f663c user: drh
14:06 Reply: NEXT VALUE FOR in SQLite artifact: 3e43565f77 user: drh
14:00 Reply: SQLite3.exe fails to handle huge multi-line-comment artifact: 9f1fa87d28 user: drh
13:47 Edit: WAL/SHM files do not get deleted with ReadOnly flag artifact: c574e4fcc5 user: drh
10:49 Reply: Issues with sqlite3IsNaN() and HAVE_ISNAN artifact: e198970419 user: drh
17:18 Reply: A crash bug in function isLikeOrGlob() artifact: 56a527a1ba user: drh
16:30 Reply: A crash bug in function isLikeOrGlob() artifact: 2d8537a66e user: drh
15:42 Reply: A crash bug in function isLikeOrGlob() artifact: 977c4b0f31 user: drh
11:48 Reply: Issues with sqlite3IsNaN() and HAVE_ISNAN artifact: 848e4cf7ea user: drh
11:03 Reply: Possible bug: Unexpected result using correlated aggregate subquery artifact: 810c6f5393 user: drh
23:27 Reply: Module pragma_function_list registers only after first usage artifact: 5f750f85ce user: drh
01:18 Reply: Two potential bugs of memory leak artifact: 97a76e677c user: drh
01:17 Reply: A potential bug of return stack address artifact: e68dcab09f user: drh
01:15 Reply: several potential bugs of null pointer dereference artifact: 7f2cc8ecf7 user: drh
14:56 Reply: Assertion Failure in constructAutomaticIndex() artifact: 310fecd471 user: drh
14:27 Reply: When is "IS" used in SQLite? artifact: bb5880682e user: drh
22:50 Reply: about "strict" mode artifact: b10b89bf79 user: drh
19:25 Reply: about "strict" mode artifact: 0248dcf7f0 user: drh
16:51 Reply: Assertion failure "pExpr->pAggInfo==pAggInfo" artifact: 89440d40ba user: drh
16:40 Reply: lemon.out is great artifact: 21ee8c117b user: drh
19:51 Reply: lemon cannot shift-reduce errors artifact: 4d0b83d86b user: drh
07:22 Reply: How to append one table of one database to another table of another database ? artifact: ae460401d9 user: drh
07:19 Reply: "database or disk is full" with in-memory database. Suggested next steps? artifact: b1ba232667 user: drh
14:21 Reply: Is it safe to use unix-none VFS in concurrent reading to one database ? artifact: 81cffecd58 user: drh
19:28 Reply: why do I get a row when querying a table with no rows? artifact: 69f9b7e706 user: drh
19:19 Edit: why do I get a row when querying a table with no rows? artifact: be3dd8cfde user: drh
20:00 Edit reply: lemon cannot shift-reduce errors artifact: 9e531e04c0 user: drh
19:11 Reply: lemon cannot shift-reduce errors artifact: cff80737bf user: drh
11:54 Reply: DB creates file despite URI param "mode=memory" artifact: be6851b169 user: drh
19:57 Reply: Converting from sqlite to sqlite3 artifact: 8114d141cf user: drh
12:24 Reply: Test ACID properties SQLITE artifact: 6354094425 user: drh
11:37 Reply: Sqlite connections isolated even after COMMIT artifact: 8b24a48d44 user: drh
13:54 Edit: SQL lite irrespective query artifact: 2acbfdfadb user: drh
13:09 Reply: inner join bug with compound queries artifact: 2417eac1f3 user: drh
13:34 Edit: Handling of json keys containing double quotes artifact: 96abde02a0 user: drh
20:56 Reply: Old Nabble SQLite mailing list site down? artifact: 04c0216524 user: drh
22:29 Reply: Bug: unexpected result from an empty table artifact: e4def599a5 user: drh
15:27 Reply: The amalgamation has repeated files? artifact: 0e2e2a8264 user: drh
14:31 Reply: Bug: inconsistent result when an optimization is on and off artifact: 01d879f18b user: drh
12:05 Reply: SQLITE_NOTICE(283): recovered 2 frames from WAL file /home/hwaci/fossil/sqlite.fossil-wal artifact: 3e8f912d7c user: drh
20:11 Reply: Bug: `GENERATED ALWAYS` constraint ends up in column type artifact: 82e5f7eb2e user: drh
13:44 Reply: Why data is lost in SQLite database with WAL mode on when connection is not closed properly? artifact: f2096cd579 user: drh
12:53 Reply: Bug in sqlite3PagerSharedLock? artifact: 03faa0b7de user: drh
02:21 Reply: sqlite3_carray_bind and constness artifact: 5b9d77a2cd user: drh