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System.Data.SQLite build on Github Actions

System.Data.SQLite build on Github Actions

(1) By Bernardo Ramos (kroggen) on 2020-12-15 04:21:43 [source]


Some say that an image says more than a thousand words... For developers, a working code/script says more than a thousand words.

So, instead of having just the compilation instructions for System.Data.SQLite, I guess it would be very useful to have a working compilation script on GitHub Actions (or AppVeyor).

Can someone help with this?

The repository is here:


I tried many modifications as can be seen on the commits:


And here are the build logs: (a mess)


I tried both using the bat files on the Setup folder as using msbuild directly.

I was only able to compile the NativeOnly, not the C# code.

If someone has a working script in private that could be shared, please share it.