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Shell enhancement wish-list

Shell enhancement wish-list

(1) By Larry Brasfield (larrybr) on 2021-09-13 12:36:21 [source]

Forum user stephancb has written, (in a vanished post):

My wish list for SQLite shell enhancements:

  1. Before the SQLite shell introduced its own tab completion, readline's tab would come up with suggestions for file names. This was quite useful, especially for ".read ..." etc. The SQLite shell completion (it suggests tables, columns etc.) is of course also useful, but the best would be to have both. Can file name completion be put back (as part of the SQLite shell).

  2. Other shells that I use (bash, ohmyrepl, ...) become greatly more powerful when embedding fuzzy search [https://github.com/junegunn/fzf] into the shell, especially for command history. (Fuzzy search is kind of competitor to SQL search :). This would be great to have also in the SQLite shell. I often want to reuse complicated SELECTs, but they have dropped out from the command history or are difficult to find "way back". With fzf, integrated into the SQLITE shell, I could much more easily find commands also in very long history.

Sorry for semi-hijacking the thread again, this is only partially related to embedding the shell.

Sorry for rejecting that hijack attempt. (That's not a usual criterion for moderation.) That other thread was hijacked enough already.