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Update query update

Update query update

(1) By adrian762 on 2021-02-25 17:27:57 [source]

Hi all

I posted about an update query a few days ago and as it has dropped down list i thought would post again in a slightly different format

my problem in a nutshell that i can query two tables and I want to update say just eight of the tables values. They are in the result of the query.  When I try to update it says it can only update first one in the list

If i could do a loop in SQLLite i could do it. 

Please can someone help so i can update, say, these 8 items.  The eight that are selected depend on the query.  I can update everything in the table which is not what i want to do

As a beginner I have spent days on this and I am sure it can be done

For more details please see previous post

thanks in advance for helping


(2) By Larry Brasfield (larrybr) on 2021-02-25 18:18:40 in reply to 1 [link] [source]

When you have something meaningful to add to an existing thread, you do others and yourself a favor by keeping the additions within that thread. Context is easier to see that way. "See previous post" is extra effort.

Generally, in "Help Available" fora, it is considered rude to create new threads just to boost visibility. That's just one effect; the others are to motivate other participants to tune out your posts.

Upon reading your posts, I think you and others willing to help you would be aided by studying "How do I ask a good question?"(https://stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-ask), or other write-ups on the topic.

(3) By Ryan Smith (cuz) on 2021-02-25 23:48:03 in reply to 1 [link] [source]

We'd like to help, but we are busy people. If I have to go search the forum for your previous post, I'm quite likely to just skip it.

Also, remember that we do not know you, we do not know your project, or your code, we have extremely little to go on. We very much depend on you giving us an extremely clear view of your problem, else reading your question leaves us with much more questions than obvious solutions - and typically we do not want to play 20 questions to tease out of you exactly what is going on.

What we do however want to do, sincerely so, is help solve your problem. Why else would we bother reading this forum? Your post however doesn't provide us with a problem to solve, but rather a list of things we have to do/ask to get full info, it's so much easier to just move on to the next post.

Please feel free to edit the above post (or add a new reply to it), which restates the problem more clear. Show your schema (your DB's CREATE statements) any SQL you've tried that doesn't work, or works but is not doing exactly what you want.

That way we understand what you are trying to achieve, what you have tried, and can hopefully assist with better ideas or SQL statements that work.