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Typos on "Floating Pointer Numbers" (draft docs)

Typos on "Floating Pointer Numbers" (draft docs)

(1) By anonymous on 2020-07-26 13:01:18 [source]

1. How SQLite Stores Numbers

A binary64 can also be 0.0 (and -0.0), postive [positive] and negative infinity and "NaN" or "Not-a-Number". Floating point values [are] approximate.

It is a mathematical limitation inherient [inherent] in the design of floating-point numbers.

1.2.1. Unrepresentable numbers

Any other numbers to the right of the decimal point result in an approximatation [approximation].

2.2. The decimal.c Extension

These functions respectively add, substract [subtract], and multiply their arguments and return a new text string that is the decimal representation of the result.