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PRAGMA documentation change request

PRAGMA documentation change request

(1) By Simon Slavin (slavin) on 2020-12-21 06:10:57 [source]

I'd like to see a couple of changes made to the documentation for PRAGMA statements.

  • The default setting to be shown in a standardised way without the reader having to read through all the options.
  • A set of words, or a notation used to indicate whether the PRAGMA is
    • just for reporting and makes no changes
    • changes a property of the connection which will vanish when the connection is closed
    • makes a change to the database but does not set anything to be used by subsequent connections
    • makes a change to the database which will be saved in the database and automatically understood by any subsequent connection to it.

I came up with the words report, connection, change, persistent for the above but I suspect someone could improve on this.

Both the above could be written with the explanations for each PRAGMA. Or there could be 'cheat sheet' sections on the page which shows them all as a list or table. Or the 'List of PRAGMAs' section could be changed to include them.