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Forum->Email feature requests

(1.1) Originally by david king (ketralnis) with edits by Richard Hipp (drh) on 2020-03-13 18:27:37 from 1.0 [source]

I like the the new forum can be mirrored to an email list so that I can continue to consume it the way I used to. But I'd like to request some features that would make it a little more convenient.

The From header is just "From: <sqlite-forum@sqlite.org>". Could we add the display name of the sender, like "From: drh <sqlite-forum@sqlite.org>"? Otherwise there are dozens of emails that in an email client aren't distinguishable

Secondly, most mailing list software indicates that the post is from a mailing list. The sqlite-users list has several:

List-Id: SQLite mailing list <sqlite-users.mailinglists.sqlite.org>
List-Unsubscribe: <http://mailinglists.sqlite.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/sqlite-users>, 
List-Archive: <http://mailinglists.sqlite.org/cgi-bin/mailman/private/sqlite-users/>
List-Post: <mailto:sqlite-users@mailinglists.sqlite.org>
List-Help: <mailto:sqlite-users-request@mailinglists.sqlite.org?subject=help>
List-Subscribe: <http://mailinglists.sqlite.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/sqlite-users>, 

List-Id in particular is used by my client but I suspect the others are used by other clients as well

Lastly, the "References:" header is also used by mail clients to allow for message threading. An example from a recent post to the regular mailing list:

References: <CALwJ=MxrXpeFZVWUzoUon9fgZN3VFjsLUJJvCF+-1uAqc1UsDg@mail.gmail.com>

I suspect it's actually easier to implement this on a forum->email bridge than on a regular mailing list because you control the initial messages as well as the followups so you're in control over all of those IDs, but I'm no expert

(2) By Richard Hipp (drh) on 2020-03-13 18:26:45 in reply to 1.0 [link] [source]

Since this is about Fossil and not SQLite, could you please reenter your request on the Fossil Forum. Thanks.