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Typos on https://sqlite.com/cli.html page

Typos on https://sqlite.com/cli.html page

(1) By squenson on 2021-04-13 16:43:46 [link] [source]


I think I have noticed a few typos and inconsistencies on the web page https://sqlite.com/cli.html:

  1. The example inserts "hello!" (notice the exclamation mark) but later on, in section 5, it shows either "hello" or "hello!" as outputs.

  2. On my computer (Ubuntu 20.10), the output of the .schema command shows a ";" after each table, while on the web page the semi-colon is missing.

  3. On my computer, the output of the command ".tables" is "tbl1 tbl2" on the same line while on the web page, at the beginning of the section 6, it is on two lines. Apparently, changing the mode doesn't modify the layout of the output.

(2) By Larry Brasfield (larrybr) on 2021-04-13 17:30:23 in reply to 1 [source]

Thanks for the pickup. Fixed on a soon-to-be-published branch.